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VIA TERRAS wines aim to show the fruitiness of Grenache.

White is made with white Grenache from the vineyards located in Gandesa Plain.

Rosé, with the indigenous variety Hairy Grenache of its youngest vineyards located in the plain of Gandesa.


The red wine is made with Red Grenache from the vineyards also located in the Plana de Gandesa, on elevated terraces with well-drained soils and, therefore, low yields.

The Wines

VIA EDETANAS are dual wines where authenticity is expressed and, at the same time, can be understood by consumers from all over the world: sweetness, elegance and finesse.


White with 70% Garnatxa Blanca from vines over 40 years old planted in "honeycomb" and "tapàs" and 30% Viognier. And the red wine with Garnacha Fina and Peluda 60%, Syrah 30% and Cariñena 10%, from our terroirs, "tapàs" (garnachas and syrah) and "tapàs blanc" (cariñena), from vineyards between 20 and 40 years old .

EDETÀRIA SELECCIÓ wines are the expression of the purity of our old vines of native varieties in their original soils.


The white wine made with white Grenache grapes from old vines in "honeycomb" (fossil dune) and low yielding soil. And the red wine with Garnatxa Peluda 60% grapes, Garnatxa Fina 30%, and Cariñena 10%, in soil of "còdols", "tapàs" and "tapàs blanc" respectively.

Single vineyard wines: LA PERSONAL, LA PEDRISSA, LA GENUÏNA, LA TERRENAL are the expression of the nuances of the most exclusive plots that we have.


Finca LA PERSONAL is a wine made exclusively with Hairy Grenache  from the 1,200 vines of the oldest vineyards of Edetària, already planted by the grandfather more than 60 years ago. 1,200 bottles are made.


Finca LA GENUÏNA is made exclusively with fine Grenache from a selection of the best vineyards, always planted in "tapàs" soil.


And Finca LA TERRENAL is exclusively white Grenache from old vines, planted in sunny slopes and in clay soils.

In 2003 Joan A. decided to return to his homeland and start this new project based on the recovery of family vineyards.


Currently, Edetària is one of the key wineries for the resurgence of Terra Alta.

It aims to offer wines made mostly with native varieties, old vines and looking for the maximum expression of the different terroirs, of its 50 hectares under organic farming.



Grandson of winemaker and son of viticulturist, he studied Agronomist and obtained the International Diploma in Economics and Marketing in the Wine Sector by OIV-AUIV (Office International de la vigne et du vin) in Paris.


In Edetària they have planted their vines in five different soils:

"Panal" fossil dune of the quaternary, sandy soil poor in organic matter and with scarce water retention.


"Tapàs" open texture floor with underlying clay material.


"Tapàs blanc" shallow soils with carbonate fragments.


"Còdols" ancient bed of a river, with superficial stoniness.


"Vall" silty, fertile and deep soils.


The interaction of the different vineyards with these terroirs results in different grapes each of which with its own personality.

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