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They are the youngest of La Vinyeta.
With a fresh and carefree language they represent the beginning, the beginning. Fruit of small vineyards of the heart of the Empordá, of happy and fruity notes, the Heus collect the essence of a young spirit and respectful with the environment.

The Wines

A red wine from La Vinyeta with the fruitiness of the grape and the nobility of the wood. A young, dynamic and strong concept. Mainly elaborated with the characteristic old Cariñena vines, it has been bred five months in new French, Hungarian and Romanian oak boots. An innovative attitude, also reflected in the recognized labels of Llavors - Premio Laus 09-. Fragments of newspapers recall important events that have happened during the creation of the wine. The most modern version of a Tramuntana wine.

Born with the same values as its red predecessor, Llavors Blanc is a wine with a certain complexity. Ripe fruit with a touch of wood, wrapping in the mouth, but maintaining freshness. Each year the label is illustrated with a literary story that hides a peculiarity: the word "llavors" between its lines.

Starting from some of the oldest vineyards of the Empordà, in Mollet de Peralada, this is the most complex and long wine of the winery. It is a wine to enjoy a unique moment, an ideal experience to accompany exquisite dishes. A reinterpretation of the wines of this land that led him to be chosen the Costa Brava Centennial Wine among the best red wines of the DO Empordà.

The Microvins are single varietals of old vines -some more than a hundred years old- of native varieties and plots of extreme typicity. They come from microclimates and are made in a microvinification plant. The Microvins are elaborations of small volumes of wine, in very controlled conditions and recovering ancestral techniques.

«Conceived with the authenticity of the old red Garnacha vines and with the aromatic elegance and body of the Marselan, the Mig Mig wine is a wine of contrasts. Tradition and modernity. Experience and knowledge To imagine is to move towards new horizons».

More than a new wine, Mig Mig is a new wine concept. Two opposite values, face to face. 50% Red Garnacha -tradition- and 50% Marselan -innovation, as it is an experimental variety not contemplated by the DO Empordà-.

This is a natural sweet wine, obtained with the traditional Garnachas - red and white - of old vines of 80 years, made only with the most ripe grapes: the raisins. Golden and bright, the Sols emanates intense aromas of jam and honey. It is the most sweet wine of the La Vinyeta winery. A limited and listed production that in the best of years only reaches a little over a thousand bottles. It is a Garnacha that combines perfectly with dishes that incorporate figs and raisins, desserts or the classic blue cheeses.

Our Serene, a dry generous wine, is a reinterpretation of stale wines made in the Empordà farmhouses that, under the light of the moon, watch the winery day and night from the weather. As it is said in Catalan, 'a sol i serena'.

És Poma is a mistela made with Garnacha del Empordà and apple juice from Girona. Pep Nogué and La Vinyeta, apple and garnacha, Girona and the Empordà. Apple on the nose, grenache in the mouth.

La Vinyeta started in 2002 with two vineyards of Garnacha and Samsó aged 50 and 80 years old located in Mollet de Peralada.


In 2006, they consolidated their project with the construction of the winery and the elaboration of the first wines.


Nowadays they work more than forty hectares of vineyard and elaborate 200,000 wine bottles

that are sold in 15 countries around the world.


Entrepreneurship, design, internationalization, innovation and sustainability are some of its strengths.



The team of La Vinyeta is made up of people with high level training, both technical and business. At the moment of initiating the project of La Vinyeta, Josep and Marta combined their Agronomic Engineering studies with work in the field.


To all this knowledge, we must add the experience acquired in the path of undertaking from scratch a dynamic and emerging wine project. La Vinyeta, led by Josep Serra and Marta Pedra, has been forged with effort, knowledge and dedication.

Josep Serra & Marta Pedra

The lands are heterogeneous; They are mostly sandy in texture and poor in organic matter, perfect for the production of high quality wines. They are generally acidic and are located at a maximum of 260m above the sea.


The plots are located mainly in the plain of Empordà, where alluvial lands predominate, but also have plots in the mountain areas and in their skirts, where the floors are slate and granite.


The most characteristic climatic detail of the Empordá is the strong north wind, the Tramontana, which blows with gusts that usually exceed 120km per hour and has very beneficial effects for the health of the vineyard.


The winters are mild, with few frosts, and the summers are hot, tempered by sea breezes. The annual average temperature is between 14 and 16ºC. The rain is approximately 600 liters per year. In terms of temperature and insolation, the area is ideal for the conreo of varieties of medium and long cycle, therefore, extraordinary for the production of natural sweet wines.


The commitment with nature has made La Vinyeta one of the first wineries that has developed with the system of Integrated Production, a respectful environment with respect to the environment based on ecological principles and scientific knowledge.

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