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ONRA is verticality, guts and personality that shows the variety, the soil and landscape from the first second.

The Wines

ÓNRA MOLTAHONRA is the expression of the Garnacha in the lands of Lleida, the terroir placed in the glass, looking for a lot of volume, freshness and complexity. A wine with the ability to surprise and evolve favorably in the bottle increasing nuances.

LA PELL is the history and viticultural heritage of Catalonia, of working with local woods such as chestnut or in an amphora made from clay itself. Subtlety and great persistence.

The project was born in 2005 in an old gravel pit, where 14 plots are established along its 11.48 Ha. We currently have 20 Ha owned. From the beginning we work in organic farming and from the first day this is certified by the CCPAE. In 2011 there are two major changes in the winery, on the one hand the change of way of working towards biodynamics, introducing the preparations and making the biodynamic compound itself, starting to work according to the lunar and planetary calendar and requesting the conversion in order to obtain the Demeter stamp.

And on the other hand, the discovery of the century-old vineyard (1889), of the first post-phylloxera vineyards, in Castelló de Farfanya, less than one hectare with 24 different local and autochthonous varieties. As of the 2014 vintage, all the wines from the winery can now carry the Demeter International certification. The winery is consolidating the brand, growing in the Catalan market, and opening new markets in several continents as a result of the interest it receives.



Forestry engineer, he began his journey through viticulture in the largest winery of the DO with an operation and way of understanding the crop very different from the current one, situating himself and adapting himself pleasantly to biodynamics.

Miquel Garcia
Ivà GallegO

Biologist and winemaker eleven years ago working in the DO Costers del Segre, five years in another winery and since 2011 to Lagravera, trained with Pierre Mason in 2012, self-taught in biodynamics and the return to the natural rhythms of work.

Sergi Garcia

Bachelor of Law and postgraduate in International Commerce despite never having exercised in this area. So for the past fifteen years, he has only moved in the world of wine, first taking responsibility for commercial tasks in two well-known wineries of the DO and currently managing the Lagravera project, innovating and constantly improving it.

In the Núria vineyard (former Gravera -Algerri-), shallow soils on "tapassot", very stony and sandy to sandy texture that, given the low rainfall of the area, become extraordinarily demanding for the vineyard. The year-on-year increase in organic matter, the non-tillage and the complex grass layers are transforming it into a biocosmic microcosm that allows the roots to explore and nourish themselves with high quality material.

In the vineyard of Castelló de Farfanya, sheltered by the Montsec and overlooking the Monastery of the Avellanas (year 1166) the soils are clear, with a sufficient clay content to maintain a good humidity even in years of great drought. Very deep and rich, which has allowed the vineyard has exceeded these more than one hundred years in full condition.

The vineyards are between 300 and 600 meters high.

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