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The Wines

Founded in 2002 by the Domenech family with the aim of conserving and improving the natural heritage of the estate, creating a wine project that expresses the landscape and biodiversity of the environment, becoming a unique ecosystem.

Vinyes Domènech is located in a protected natural space of great beauty, between the Sierra de Llaberia and the Montalt south of the Priorat and within the DO Montsant. At 450 meters altitude and 10 km from the sea, it is an amphitheater surrounded by mountains and Mediterranean forest, with a very irregular orography.

Throughout these years we have been incorporating vineyards of the best places of the DO Montsant (Capçanes, La Figuera, El Masroig, ...) always looking for the highest areas, old vines and soils that give personality and typicity to each wine . In short, unique vineyards with very little production where Garnachas and Cariñenas give us the maximum expression.


The Domènech family, originally from Falset, owns since 2002 one of the oldest vineyards in Capçanes, in the south of Priorat, protected by the Montsant appellation of origin.


The way to respect the land and the environment, and the landscape as the essence of their wines, are their commitments and their lifestyle, marked by the territory, culture and tradition.

domÈnech FamilY

They are "terroirs" that impregnate a character
special to the vineyards to produce great wines of
guard. Vinyes Domènech, with an agriculture
ecological (certified by the CCPAE-2007) and biodynamic,
The harmony between the vineyard and biodiversity works that surrounds it so that they are fed
between them giving mimetic wines with their

In 2015 the result of all this work was
consolidated upon receiving the recognition of "Vino de
Finca" by the Incavi and the DO Montsant.
gives, among other requirements, to unique farms,
wines of international prestige and with demanding
quality and traceability protocols.

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